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CSG operations available on volumes and groups are:

·        Union

·        Intersection

·        Difference

·        None (for groups)

By default:

·        For solid volumes, union

·        For negative volumes, intersection

·        For groups, none (the components are rendered as part of the parent tree)

This group is on top of a rectangular volume:

The group renders like this when its operation is None or Union:

With Intersection:

With Difference:

Groups may be given a CSG operation such as union. In this case, the group is rendered to its own tree and the result unioned with the parent tree. This is subtly different from the none case, since holes in the group do not affect the parent, and other objects may intrude into them.

These groups are identical (there is a hole extending down through the rect prism they sit on top of):

but the one on the right has a union operation, so the hole is contained within the group and does not affect the prism below: