Drawing a Simple Face                                                          <Back

Click the Rect , Hexagon  or Circle buttons in the toolbar, then drag out a rect or a hex (corner to corner) or a circle (centre to edge). You can also draw text as a face.

The face is drawn on an existing object (in the plane of an existing face), or if there is none, on the standard plane (XY, YZ or XZ) that most closely faces the users view.

Where appropriate, the angle will be constrained to 0/45/90 by holding down the Shift key, and snapping will be temporarily disabled by holding down the Control key. Otherwise, the start and end points are snapped to the grid.

The dimensions will show and update as you drag, and may be changed later.

Construction Faces

These are like normal faces, except that they cannot be extruded to make volumes, and their dimensions are always shown by default.

Making a Face from Edges

Draw a closed set of edges that connect end to end. Then right-click one and select Group Connected Edges, to collect them into a group. Then select Make Face to create the face.